Monday, December 29, 2008

mass banks in trouble

The boys at went through an enormous amount of work to put together a list which shows the status of banks across the nation. And i quote their formula for determining danger:

"Developed by Gerard Cassidy, the Texas ratio is a measure of a bank's credit troubles. Basically, the higher the ratio, the worse the situation is for that particular bank. Banks with a ratio of 100 and higher are in very serious danger of collapse, and banks with a ratio of 50 or higher are vulnerable. This is the formula I used:100 * ((Non-performing Assets - U.S guaranteed loans) + Other REO) / (Equity + Loss Reserves)
All of this information is available on the FDIC website, but it's extremely difficult to gather in a meaningful way. In fact, I don't think you'll find a list like this anywhere else on the internet."

You will find some local banks here which few appear to be in trouble.

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