Monday, December 29, 2008

the evil at home

Barry the closet ......
lives on marsh
by the sea
drives to fall river,
spreads tyranny

barry the closet ...........
incites to call others down
spends hours of three
imagining some sort of powerful seat

dribbling right wing talking points
heaving and hoooing fantasies
ignoring facts like they were on crack

Barry the Closet .......
nothing knowing about the riv,
ask him directions to anywhere,
but despite three years he cant get you there.

Barry the closet....
makes fun of the fall river folk,
never done a thing for charity
yet thinks he knows our ropes

barry the closet .......
spent election day touting his boy
then when he lost
the next day
full of historic joy

oh barry the closet.....
what will he say today,
perhaps another factition
or a intellectually challenged foray

oh barry the closet
go bomb another country today
face the gaydar
and let that hate,
blow away!!!

By TReVOa, Dec. 29, 2009

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