Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The art of the con

So Joe Perreira has been charged with two counts of larceny over $250. Felonies!
The man who hosted the barack obama campaign office for no charge, has given us a little glimpse into politics and the unseemly-ness of his exploits.
It is no secret that his office is filled wth photos of high ranking politicians which he draped across his office wall like an athlete with his trophies. He is a slick talker who comes off like a friend when people are in need and then well... best to hold onto one's belt.
His life took a bender publically when on WSAR his interactions with Dr. Stephen Cabral of LAGOA were made public on under reported with Rich Oliveira. Oliveira sounded surprised and amused when Perreira called to explain his side of the story on the air. Perreira claimed he did nothing wrong and that dr. Cabral had got it all wrong. He wasn't keeping a truck full of antiques and art hostage and that the space Cabral had given him money for, was not ready because Cabral wanted new tile. So that's why he held his two months rent and he never moved the stuff from his warehouse to the location on North main Street in a building he allegedly owns.
But the lingering comment from Ric was "the police found the truck with Cabral's stuff and a warehouse full of other stuff....but no olive oil. There.... could be alot more coming out about this."
The next day the Herald had the story. We learned about another Perreira scam of an illegal immigrant and another charge of larceny over 250. We also learn he had 36 previous arraignments.

A wall full of politicians and him.
free rent for dem office
renting building that he is not listed upon the deed
more coming out indeed!


  1. And his kids do age-inappropriate covers.

    Just saying.

  2. word is he will be indicted on more than a half dozen counts shortly....developing